2016 Fantasy League

How's Your Team Doing?

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How to Play:

Select your Forfarshire DreamTeam from the list of available players – everyone is included from the under 15 age-group upwards – and pick the team that you think will perform best throughout the season.

Every player has been given a million pound rating by the Forfs Fantasy League Committee (Liam & Andy) and you have a maximum of £145 million to spend on eleven players to make up your DreamTeam. There are also limits on how many players you can pick from each of the club teams, as explained below.

All entries must be received and paid for before 12noon on Saturday 14th May. Hand your entries to any team captain, Dave Thomson, Andy Wallace or leave in an envelope behind the bar. 

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The Rules:

  • Entries cost £5 for Juniors and £10 for Seniors.
  • Cash prizes will be awarded for the top three entries at the end of the season.
  • 11 players make up your Forfarshire DREAMTEAM.
  • 3 players must be selected from each of the three SENIOR teams plus 2 players from the COLTS team.
  • Each team must include 1 wicketkeeper, 2 all-rounders, 3 batters, 3 bowlers and 2 colts.
  • Maximum spend of £145 million on your team.
  • Name your team – be as creative as you like!

League games from Saturday 14th May onward will count towards the league, therefore all entries must be SUBMITTED and PAID to your team captain or any senior committee member by 12noon on 14th May.

When a player drops down a team or represents 2 teams over a weekend, the points allocated will be decided upon by the committee. (Messrs Sweeney & Wallace)

Points Scoring System:

1 point per run,  5 bonus points for 50,  10 bonus points for 100,  -5 for a duck.

5 points per wicket,  5 bonus points for 3wkts,  10 bonus points for 5wkts.

3 points for a catch.

2 points per catch,  3 points per stumping,  5 bonus points for 5 or more catches in a game.

Click here to download an ENTRY FORM 


As we approach the half way stage of the season, the much anticipated Forfs Fantasy Table has been unveiled. Coach Beghin appears to not only be finding form on the pitch, but also in his fantasy. Further down the leaderboard, there are a number of family rivalries taking centre stage, which I am sure will in no way be related to them all picking similar teams. Young Gregor Ross is flying in fifth place, but is currently being pipped by Midge Snr whose midgeroos have sored to third. A single point separates the Wallace brothers, with Snr currently edging ahead, with Hilary keeping tabs not far behind. Further down the table again, the Sim twins are currently separated by only 2 places. It will be interesting to see how these family feuds develop over the remainder of the season. 
A special mention should be made to amateur Nick Green who, despite not knowing a single player when selecting his team, is currently in 8th. The majority of the club won’t be disappointed to see Mr Lockhart struggling for points given his team name!


Yours in cricket, 

Fantasy Forfs HQ

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3 players to be selected from this team
C Wallace KEEPER 20
M Parker BAT 15
A Bailwal ALL ROUNDER 16
J Hogarth ALL ROUNDER 13
L Sweeney BOWL 12
G Beghin BAT 18
U Mohammed ALL ROUNDER 17
S Cameron ALL ROUNDER 14
R Johnston 
BAT 14
E McCandless BAT 11
A Wallace BOWL 11
G Black BOWL 12
C Robertson  ALL ROUNDER  14 
R Rennie  BAT  13 
3 players to be selected from this team
Cr McConnachie BOWL  13 
G Walker BOWL 10
G Quinn BOWL 13
S Sim  BAT  12 
C Garden  KEEPER  16 
G Martin BAT 13
W Hardie ALL ROUNDER  12
M Watson BOWL 11
F Ross BAT 14
C Walker BAT 12
B Walker BOWL 11
S Hill BOWL 11
A Hill
S Murray  BAT  12 
N Green  BOWL  14 
3 players to be selected from this team
D Sim BAT 12
Clark McConnachie BAT 16
K Narayanan  BOWL  13 
P  Chatterji BOWL 12
B Robertson BAT 15
M Sargeant BOWL 12
G Carnegie ALL ROUNDER 13
J Harrison  BOWL  11 
R Lloyd BAT 12
H Hardie BOWL  10 
J Sim BOWL  10 
I Lockhart  BOWL  11 
S Pereira  BOWL  11 
C Wilson  BAT  11 
C Welsh  BOWL  11 
2 players to be selected from this team
T Jarron COLT 10
J Mulholland COLT 10
G Vagg COLT 10
J Girolami jnr COLT 10
A Gemmell COLT 10
S Allen COLT 10
C Hayes COLT  10 
L McConnach COLT 10
R Tauro COLT 10
J Girolami snr COLT 13
G Gemmell COLT 14
L Robinson  COLT  10 
T Bruce  COLT  10 
P Whitehead COLT 11