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Women's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019

19 Aug 2019

Forfarshire CC is excited to be welcoming the players, officials and spectators of the ICC Women's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019 to Forthill.

The global tournament, being hosted at Forfarshire CC and Arbroath United CC, will decide the final two teams to compete at the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup to be held in Australia starting in February 2020. 

After a day of warm-up matches on Thursday 29th August, tournament action gets underway at Forthill and Lochlands on Saturday 31st August with the final taking place at Forthill on Saturday 7th September at 2pm.

Warm-up Matches

Thursday 29 August
Ireland v PNG (Forthill, 10:00) 
Bangladesh v Netherlands (Lochlands, 10:00) 
Scotland v Namibia (Forthill, 14:00) 
Thailand v USA (Lochlands, 14:00) 

Tournament Matches

Saturday 31 August
Bangladesh v PNG (Forthill, 10:00) 
Thailand v Netherlands (Lochlands, 10:00) 
Scotland v USA (Forthill, 14:00) 
Namibia v Ireland (Lochlands, 14:00) 

Sunday 1 September
Thailand v Namibia (Forthill, 10:00) 
Scotland v PNG (Lochlands, 10:00) 
Ireland v Netherlands (Forthill, 14:00) 
USA v Bangladesh (Lochlands, 14:00)

Monday 2 September (rest / reserve day)

Tuesday 3 September
Ireland v Thailand (Forthill, 10:00) 
Netherlands v Namibia (Lochlands, 10:00) 
Scotland v Bangladesh (Forthill, 14:00) 
PNG v USA (Lochlands, 14:00) 

Tuesday 4 September (rest / reserve day)

Thursday 5 September
A1 v B2 (Forthill, 10:00) 
B3 v A4 (Lochlands, 10:00) 
B1 v A2 (Forthill, 14:00) 
A3 v B4 (Lochlands, 14:00) 

Friday 6 September (rest / reserve day)

Saturday 7 September
3rd v 4th Place Play-Off (Forthill, 10:00) 
7th v 8th Place Play-Off (Lochlands, 10:00) 
5th v 6th Place Play-Off (Lochlands, 14:00) 
Final (Forthill, 14:00)