Forfarshire Cricket Club - Fixture Calendar Subscription

How to Subscribe to the Forfarshire Fixture Calendar

The Forfarshire CC fixture calendar can be connected directly to the calendar function of your smartphone, tablet, computer or online calendar.

If you wish your calendar to always display the current fixture list (recommended!) then 'subscribe' using the info below. If exploring new menus of your device is not for you, simply click the link below to import all fixtures as they stand today, but changes will not be updated in your calendar at a later date - so it is recommended to follow the subscribe instructions. 


iPhone and iPad users
Copy the link:
Go to Settings  >  Calendars  >  Accounts  >  Add Accounts  >  Others  >  Add Subscribed Calendar.
Paste the link above into the server box and click next/done when prompted.
The calendar will then shortly update with all fixtures.

Google Calendar
Copy the link:
Register at
Click this link to access the add calendar function:
Copy and paste the calendar link into the "URL of Calendar" box.
To see the fixtures on a smartphone or tablet, install the Google Calendar App and login.

Mac Calendar
Open Calendar
File  >  New Calendar Subscription
Copy the link below and paste into the Calendar URL box
Select remove alerts. Change refresh to hourly or similar. Calendar
Copy the link:
Register an account at or use an existing Hotmail account etc
Open Calendar  >  Import  >  Subscribe
Copy the link below into the Calendar URL box and give the calendar a name  >  subscribe