Forfarshire Cricket Club - Gordon Potts 2014

Match Report - Gordon Potts Memorial 2014

Sunday 15th June 2014 saw the seventh playing of the annual Gordon Potts Memorial match at Forthill.

The event coincided with the last day of the Dundee Beer Festival – and it quickly became apparent that some of the players involved had heartily enjoyed the previous day’s events in the beer tent....

As is tradition, it was Dundee v Dundee United in this fixture and the teams gathered to find that such had been the beer intake the previous night - that various random invitations to play in the game had been dished out and accepted and as a result 23 players were on show.

Debutants in the fixture included Blackie, J Girolami Jr, the non dancing Walker twin and the Club President Ian Stephens..........a fine mix of players indeed. The Arabs had some pre match selection issues with the normally reliable Chic, Duke and Butts all posted missing and this meant a captaincy debut for Nobby who looked suitably nervous. All of this meant that the Dees sensed an opportunity to win the fixture and level the series.

Dundee took to the arena; and it was only when they were all on the field and arranging who would go where, that skipper Bryce realised that he had forgotten to allocate wicket keeping duties to any of his team. 
Clark reluctantly headed back to the pavilion and donned the pads and borrowed Simmy’s (very smelly) wicket keeping gloves. Finally ready to commence play, the Arabs sent in Tucker and Ted who made a fine pair of opening batsmen – or so the Dundee players thought....

Tucker went quickly (perhaps his vision slightly clouded by 27 pints of cider the day before) and the FSC president came in and played a couple of nice forehands before being dismissed. 
Walker junior joined his father and the pair of them were very subdued and fine bowling from Scott “Bob Willis” Carrie, Cheese, Connie and Hector had them on the back foot.

The innings was plodding along and run scoring was slow. Ted was finally put out of his misery, but more slowness followed and the trump cards of Bruce and Cully even failed to hit the heights. Thankfully for the Arabs, Forfarshire’s Scottish Cup winning hero from 1994 strode to the crease to rescue them and looked in fine fettle as he took guard and surveyed the field. Craig ran in and first ball demolished Gus’ stumps, much to the great delight of the Dundee players. If ever a skipper’s innings was needed this was the time – Nobby averted the hat trick, but Craig picked up another wicket to make it three in the over and it was looking doubtful if United would even bat out the overs and Howie and Simmy were the last wicket partnership.

They saw it to the last ball when Bryce steamed in and bounced Howie who tried to hook, but it was tooooooo quick for him and he popped up a catch to Christian at square leg. 
Howie bounced out by the Big Man..........innings over. The United total was a paltry 83 and that included United’s normal trick of adding on one extra every over throughout the innings. The Dundee lads were quietly confident and unlike for Nobby..............the pulling of names from the hat was kind to them and a reasonable batting order ensued.

Hector came and went and Ian was unfortunately dibbly dobblied out by Howie, but Christian was going well before he was undone by a quicker one from Tucker the Chucker. How the young umpire failed to call this as a no ball is beyond belief. 
Clark was welcomed to the crease by a hail of doggie biscuits from the slip cordon; which he was grateful for as he had missed lunch.

He fell and it was left to Craig (24 not out) to settle things down and he was joined by Robbie (30 not out) who showed his commitment to the DFC badge by playing brilliantly and seeing the Dens Park men home in style. This event has always been associated with very closely contested games – however this was comfortably the most one sided gubbing ever seen in the history of this fixture. Dundee hammered United...........! (you can’t blame a correspondent for using such phrases given the limited opportunity to do so in the last thirty years). 

The players gathered post match for the presentation of the trophy and it was great that Anne was there to present the spoils to winning captain Bryce. He thanked Thomas Cook for sponsoring the various trips that took key Arabs to various places around the globe and hoped this would be repeated next year. 
The Champagne Moment recipient was Gus for his golden duck and he gladly accepted the fizz, although he was clearly not used to handling anything that was cheaper than £100 a bottle. Thanks once again go to all participants, to Ann and Ian, to Cully for preparing the wicket, to Dave T for his sterling BBQ work and to Hogi and Midge for umpiring. As ever, a good day was enjoyed by all as we once again gathered to remember our lost friend.

So the series is now tied at 3 matches each and the trophy rests on the Robertson mantelpiece for the next twelve months. One can only hope that Bryce does not keep it in his toilet area or else we will have a job getting it cleaned next year - as the metal used in the making of the trophy is apparently highly corrosive when exposed to toxins.

Here’s to next year.