ion8 Forfarshire Cricket Club - Bagpack June 2010

Bag Pack at Tesco Monifieth 19 June 2010 - £600 raised.

Our first Junior Bag Pack of the year at Tesco, Monifieth, turned out to be a successful one.

However, 10 minutes before the start of the day Alan & Diane were wondering if this would be the case, as there were no Forfarshire tops to be seen. It didn’t take much longer though for the kids to start appearing, and straight away the sound of coins rattling the buckets began. As is the norm with such bag packs, some kids turned up early, some late, some not at all, and a few plugged on for much longer than they were meant to. Some of the parents also stayed to help when a till became available (or to assist their young ones in the finer arts of packing messages into bags).

Diane took on the role of ‘Security Officer’ by ensuring pound coins were removed from the buckets before they had a chance to stop spinning, and then immediately placed them in a safe, unknown location. Busy spells and quiet spells occurred throughout the day, and also a loud spell when the twins arrived. The kids and adults present kept on undaunted, and when 4pm arrived, the bag pack had finished. I would personally like to thank the following youngsters for all their efforts (sincere apologies if I have missed out anyone):

Scott M, Callum R, John P, Harry O, Fraser R, Rory J, Jack S, Callum G, Sam A, Jack Hogarth, Christian R, Connor W, Liam L, Michael W, Connor T, James G, Ruairidh C, Morgan S, Duncan F, Callum W, Blair W, Lucas McC, Ben C.  A special mention to Scott M and Callum R who each stayed for 3 hours, great effort lads and many thanks. Fortunately, the whole day went without mishap, and everyone seemed to enjoy the occasion.

And not to forget the parents, thanks also to James and Gillian, Mr Latto, Andrew, Irene, Bryce, and Ted for packing, and others who monitored their kids packing skills. Also, Dicks attendance was much appreciated, and he was delighted to see the kid’s efforts to raise much needed funds. Thanks also to Ian R for his attendance.

I thank the staff at Tesco Monifieth for allowing us this opportunity, and must say that their assistance and helpfulness was a credit to the store.

The sum of £600 was raised, and if we can somehow match this at Morrisons in September, then we better last years total.

Thanks again to all involved.

Alan Salisbury
Junior Fundraiser