ion8 Forfarshire Cricket Club - 2011 AGM

2011 AGM Report

The president kicked things off with some relaxed reflections on a successful year for the club which saw the first team finish third in the Premier League, the second team winning the S&PCU First Division, the third team finishing third in S&PCU Division 2 and potted success at junior level. The treasurer then reported an improved financial situation but once again stressed the need for continued prudence and fund raising in equal measures.

Prizes were presented to the various winners of batting and bowling prizes. The highlight of the night came when it became apparent the secretary had arranged the names to be engraved on the first team batting and bowling trophies the wrong way around.

For the record the correct winners were:
First team batting – Brendan Ford    
First team bowling – Aman Bailwal

Second team batting – Gavin Martin    
Second team bowling – Callum Walker

Third team batting – Adam Hill      
Third team bowling – Samir Hill

The captain’s reports followed and Gordon Black read out retiring first team skipper Ryan Watson’s speech in his absence. Ryan reflected on his own achievements mainly and to be fair also said everyone else did ok. He also said he had no idea how the club was going to cope without him next season. Dennis Petrie reflected on an unbeaten season for the second team with all the enthusiasm of a man who had overseen a catastrophic set of team performances. One can only imagine what his demeanor might have been had they lost every league game as opposed to winning them all. David Sim read through his third team summary in a beautiful sky blue shirt and tie combo which looked newly purchased from the Salvation Army store. As with games throughout the season, Dave Thomson barracked him throughout proceedings.

Junior Convenor Dick Auchinleck then spent the next three hours (or at least that is what it felt like) reading through numerous statistics pertaining to the club youngsters. In overall terms – they had a braw season.

Next came the drawn out election of office bearers and the president and treasurer ensured the McLelland dynasty would continue for at least another twelve months by being returned unopposed to their positions. Gordon Black intimated his desire to retire from the Secretary’s role but with no willing volunteers, one suspects he may find it more difficult to give up this position than it was to take it in the first place.

The most important position of the night is the election of Club Captain and following Ryan Watson’s retirement there was a clear vacancy. When names were invited a hush descended upon the room and the assembled throng waited the forwarding of names for the usual carve up. But no names were forthcoming…. Ted finally spoke – and I suspected he saw an opportunity and was going to suggest his own name – but he said Scott's instead. Scott thanked him for his interest and declined. Somewhat bizarrely Craig's Mum was asked if he would do it. (For those unaware Craig is in Australia). She declined to put his name forward as an official candidate saying she hoped he might be playing for England next season. This left the unusual scenario of the first team skipper role being put to one side for separate meetings of senior members to come up with a solution. Hopefully Messrs Mohammed, Quinn, Garden, Black, Galloway, Wallace(C), Wallace(A), Ford, etc will recognise the importance of this role and convene at the earliest opportunity and find a solution. If not, then Ted may be the man.

Dennis decided to retire at the top and opted out as second team skipper and Howie was voted into the role whilst mumbling something about rubbish shift patterns next season. Ted was suggested as vice captain, however Howie was keen on someone younger and so this role was also shelved for further pondering to take place.

Simmy Senior did his usual half hearted gesture of pretending he would step down if anyone else wanted to do the role he has fulfilled for the last thirty seven years – before humbly agreeing to carry on as third team skipper. Simmy Junior was once again voted to be his wing man.

Various other important roles were voted on including Ian as fixture secretary once again and the selection committee make up was also agreed and Dave and Ian Reoch will once again provide valuable input to that process along with the President.

A lengthy discussion ensued over the first team scorer’s position with Sid making it clear he was aiming for the England set up as well. A successor was discussed and various names were mooted and it was agreed that a thirteen man sub-committee would convene on a weekly basis to carry out interviews and a selection process which might perhaps be run along the lines of the X Factor. Jim Inglis agreed to investigate selling the rights to the Arbroath Herald Group.

The evening finished off with some questions from the floor. One of which spurred a debate on the merits of the new proposed league set up and the general consensus was that we would support the new format but with reservations about the number of teams in the league (8 is maybe too few) and the fact that some teams may see fit to load up their sides with hired hands to ensure success which goes against the ethos of what the league’s stated aims are. i.e. To invest in youth cricket, good facilities and a long term solid infrastructure. Other points of note were the club’s ongoing push to improve facilities via net areas and the playing surface.

Lastly, it was noted that the club is hoping to gain approval to field a fourth team in the S&PCU third division next season with the main aim being to give extra cricket to our aspiring juniors who don’t get enough games. The question of the team’s name came up and suggestions included Forthill Flyers, Forfarshire Thunder, Dick’s Daisies and Forthill Storm. It is likely the team will be known as Forthill 2nd XI.

So that was it for another year. The club is in decent shape and hopefully 2012 will be another good year all round.